Message of President

A Dynamic, Flexible and Effective Management Mentality

Companies are forced to make substantial changes as the manufacturing and sales instruments develop and become widespread. An attention paid to details give products excellence. The management mentality is focused on customers. International standards for quality are generated. Establishments that seek for a share of competition are in search of solutions to enhance the level of consumer’s welfare. Universal rules for design, quality, price and service apply to the globalized world.

It is necessary to be aware towards changes and constantly renew yourself in order to achieve success. Individuals therefore become more important. Cuno Textile believes that each step to take needs to be redesigned in line with the set objectives and aims at analyzing conditions, searching for developments, using success-proven methods, considering marketing elements in planning activities, and assessing each stage for achieving future outcomes.

Cuno Textile has adopted a transparent and fair management mentality that places emphasis on the business ethic and pays attention to social values. Cuno Textile also takes it as its duty to maintain corporate philosophy and principles, to ensure productivity, and to create a corporate culture.